Sometimes you got to step back in order to make a bigger jump. The brand AO goes back to its roots in search of its original authenticity. In 1976, the year where it all began, everything was possible. People felt free and happy. The cool and relax lifestyle from the US inspired fashion, and sportswear hit the streets.

We want to get that cool and friendly atmosphere back. We want to be inspired and inspirational again. We want to create a community with the same values. Because this world is in desperate need of beauty.

We want to contribute to that, and share it with you. AO76, together.

We sell our cool stuff in 4 flagshipstores in Belgium – Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Knokke. And of course on AO76.COM . We also have lots of multibrand stores selling AO76 all over our beautiful globe.

“Kinderkleding geïnspireerd op de Amerikaanse lifestyle van de jaren 70, toen de sportkleding in het straatbeeld gemixed werdt met dagelijkse kleding.”